Newspaper Finding ad
In April 2005, I read a statistic that 1.7 million baby girls are abandoned annually per year. It is against the law for the parents to give up their children, so they can't just go and give their children to an orphanage. Instead, many of the parents leave their baby in an area where they are sure that they will be safely found. When a baby is found, it is a law that the fact that she was found must be advertised in a newspaper so that the parents can reclaim their child. We became aware that there is a company (Research China) that will look for your child's "finding ad" in the Newspaper (The fee is reasonable). We knew that we definitely wanted to try to locate Mary's "finding ad". We gave the company Mary's chinese name, orphanage name, and info about approxiamently when she was found. The company was able to find her. We recieved her info in the mail on April 2, 2005. We were tearful (happy tears) and happy to thereby receive a picture of Mary from when she was aroung 6 weeks old--so sweet! We think she is the prettiest baby on the whole page (no prejudice here, of course!). We are sure that the newspaper page was a great comfort to her biological mom and dad who could look at the newspaper page and see that Mary was found and safely taken to the orphanage.

Translation of Newpaper Information about Mary
Ad #: 1556 (this means that she was the one thousand, five hundred and fifty-sixth child who entered into the Lianjiang orphanage as of 7-16-04)
Lian Guo Ling
A girl
Finding date: 7-16-04
Found abandoned at front door of the Yuantaoyi Hotel at the 1st Yingbin Road of Liancheng
She is about 16 days old
Lianjiang city orphanage

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