On March 16, 2005 at 10:27 and 49 seconds, we received an e-mail from A Helping Hand. They received our referral!!!!!!! Mary is from Liangjiang of Guangdong province.

Chinese name: Guo Ling Lian
Birthday: June 30, 2004
Orphanage: Liangjang orphanage in the Guangdong province
Height(as of Oct 22): 24 inches
Weight(as of Oct 22): 12.1 lbs.
She is described as active, and she laughs out loud. She can hold one block in each hand and locate the direction of voices.

Date: March 18, 2005 (8 ½ months old)
Updated Growth Report for Lian GuoLing
Name Lian GuoLing Date of Birth June 30, 2004
Height 69.5cm Chest Circumference 42.5cm
Weight 7.8kg Teeth 0
Head Circumference 42.5cm Foot size 10cm
Motor Development GuoLing's motor development is normal. She can sit on her own steadily. She can change positions from lying back to lying on stomach. She likes to play with her feet. She can support her upper body up. She is coordinative and deftly. She recognizes people. When she is unhappy, she will cry.
Intellectual Development Guoling's intellectual development is normal. She mimics. When the caretaker says "goodbye", she will follow. She occasionally says "baba" "mama". She knows her name. She can read caretaker's expression. She has strong preference. She can help herself with dressing and undressing. She refuses the strangers.
Eating Habit GuoLing has 5 meals a day with mealtime at 4:00, 8:00, 13:00, 17:00, 21:00. She is fed on mixture of the JinDing formula and HuaiSheng rice cereal. Her supplementary food includes fruit paste, juice. She has good appetite. She has no special preference for food.
Routine Life GuoLing develops a good routine life in the orphanage. She gets up at 7:00, has naps at 11:30, and goes to bed at 21:30. She usually wakes up in the midnight and cry for comfort. She is outgoing, active. She smiles a lot.
Her favorite toys and activities GuoLing like colorful blocks and balls. She likes to be held by caretakers.
Sending Institute: Social Welfare Institute of LianJiang City
March 18, 2005

Note: Friends who have previously adopted from China have consistantly told us that their daughters weighed less than what has been reported to them prior to receiving their daughters. This is partly due to the fact that the children are weighed with their [heavy] clothes on. Mary's weight in the chart translates to 17.2 lbs. From talking to friends who have adopted previously, we "guesstimate" that her weight is more like 14 lbs.